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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Marled Wool, Take 3

A couple weeks ago, I posted asking for suggestions for a use for my marled Fisherman's wool. I decided to try the Seedling pattern. First, it took about 45 minutes to wind one ball from the messy, angry, almost hank I wound after frogging the last project. I cast on with fingers crossed. I got through about 2 pattern repeats and, of course, I couldn't see the stitch pattern!

100 sts x 10 rep x 2 = 2000 stitches. Boo!

So I ripped that out and started the Mara Shawl. First, let me say that I love shawls in worsted weight yarn. They FLY. I'm already finished with the body of the shawl (one ball = 450 yds or so) and have started on the edging. It looks like a crumpled mess because the wingspan of this shawl is already 5 feet and i'm determined to only use my 40" cable. I have less than 6 inches left now!

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