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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Big News!

My Etsy shop, Reilly's Daughter, is almost ready to open! I finally took some initiative and started editing the photos I took and posting. And I now have more respect for anyone that opens up a shop online. It's a lot of work typing up descriptions for everything you make. But with any luck, it will be open this weekend, even if it doesn't have every item posted that I want.

I also finished this:

I had some leftover baby yarn from a blanket I made for a friend of my dad, and wanted to use it up. I thought this would be a fast, easy pattern to knock out a baby blanket. Too bad I can't estimate my gauge, because this turned out a little bigger than I planned. But this way, the baby can grow into it, right? This will probably also end up in the Etsy store.

Q2 Goal Update

I'm also doing well on my goals this quarter. We're about halfway through, and I've already posted as many blogs as I did all last quarter. Part of what is helping is taking pictures of stuff I've made. The other part is being able to publish the post when I want. That way I can write a couple at once and have them update at regular intervals.

I've finished my "queued project", which are my monkey socks!

I've also finished one of 2 sock yarn projects, which is another pair of vanilla socks. I started my second a couple days ago, which are the Nutkin socks in Austermann Step. So I have 2 more pair of socks, 2 more blogs, oh and a Blanket-versary to finish.

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