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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Stashdown 2010 and Bonus Handspun!

Well, I have been quite busy this week and have so much to update.

Pom-Pom Earflap Hat (x2)

This was made from leftover Impeccable and the Basic Earflap Hat. I added i-cord ties and a pom on top. Very easy to make, and the hardest part was figuring if this was going to fit its recipient.

And here is the second one, made from a random skein of Wool-ease I bought a while ago.

ok, so each took about half a skein, but that's one whole skein out of the stash, right? and to celebrate, i used up another skein making myself a hermoine hat from a skein of Berroco Vintage in Sloe Berry #5184. is it bad that i'm a little excited for cool weather?

And now, for the bonus. Spinning class on Thursday at Knit Stop was awesome! I've only been going for about a month, and have about 5 ounces of red corriedale spun on my drop spindle from Nomad Yarns. I had enough singles spun to start plying, and I got to use the shop's spinning wheel. Kate is an awesome teacher, and had me going in no time. After much research, I believe it is a Lendrum folding wheel, definitely double treadle, and boy do I want one now. The spinning was so much faster and smoother than on my drop spindle. I have about 125 yards plied and waiting to be soaked and whacked and hung dry. But here they are!

And in my weekend spinning fever, I spun up a couple of samples we were given a few weeks ago. They're probably only 25 feet a piece, spun and plied on my drop spindle, then wound into the cutest little skeins.

The official Holiday Stashdown count is now 4 gifts in 6 weeks. One is definitely coming with me to knitting tomorrow, although I doubt it will be finished anytime soon. Maybe the socks will come with me also...


  1. Loving the hats, great for the cold weather!
    GoodGoneGirl from Rav

  2. Excellent! Your spinning looks fabulous. That is something I have been scared to try. I don't think I want to know how deep that rabbit hole goes...

  3. Thanks bonnie! and it goes deep. i've only been spinning a few months, and am already shopping for a wheel. i was joking that if this trend continues, i'll be asking for sheep by summer.