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Monday, November 22, 2010

"No Pictures" is No Excuse

I've been putting off posting this weekend because I needed to take pictures of all the things I have to discuss. However, I don't know when I will get a chance to do this with the holiday coming up, so this post will be picture-less. But that will just make you come back to see updates on these mystery projects, right?

Holiday Stashdown Update

I finished the Man (or Anyone) Cowl from some naturallycaron.com Country in charcoal. The yarn is awesome, I have used it a few times and love how soft it is. The cowl worked up in only a few days, and the pattern is perfectly clear. I wish it had a little more stitch definition though. Any suggestions?

The official Holiday Stashdown project count is down to 3 now. The seed stitch scarf mentioned earlier is about halfway done, although this has to be the slowest scarf I've ever made.

Now onto....

Personal Knitting

I was very excited when I managed to knit my WIP bin down to a few projects. My Ravelry project list only had one row of works-in-progress (all with pictures which is rare), and I was determined to knock a few of those out as well. However, and I'm sure subconsciously, I was more determined to start as many projects as possible to get that page back to how it normally looks (disorganized). Startitis struck and I now have 3 newly cast-on projects.

My First Toe Up Socks have been calling to me to start them for a while now. I invested in an Addi Lace fixed circular needle so I could try socks on Magic Loop. I'm using Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson (from the library of course, though I may look for a copy). I started with the "easy" toe and am steadily knitting towards the heel. I have not decided what heel I'm going to use yet, though I'm leaning towards the short row heel, just because I haven't made one yet. I'm using Berroco Comfort Sock and LOVE it. It's super soft and the color is beautiful. It's called Beach house, in blues and teals, with some white and sage green thrown in. I hope it's durable, because at less than $8 a skein (which is enough for a pair of socks for me), I could use this all the time.

The Dr. Who scarf is next. This isn't acutally for me however, but this is a request from the best man in our wedding, Matt. He got a gift for both Travis and I, and I had knit something for practically everyone but him. So I asked him if he wanted anything and his answer was, "Can you knit me a Doctor Who scarf?" My head went blank at first. I know how long this scarf is in the series. I've seen the patterns and projects on Ravelry. But because I like Matt, I tell him, "Of course! It might take a while though, because I have about a dozen Christmas presents lined up already..." He tells me that's fine, there's no deadline. I recently asked him how long he *actually* wanted the scarf to be. The pattern is about 17 feet according to my calculations, and I hope his answer is somewhat shorter than that. I'm using the Season 12 pattern because it lists the Vanna's Choice colors. I'm using an array of Vanna's and Michael's brand Impeccable. I also changed it to  stockinette instead of garter stitch because I like how it looks more. I added a 3 stitch border also, so it would not roll up.

Last is the Swinging Stripe Cardigan from the pattern of the same name. I really wanted a basic open cardi pattern, and love the rolled collar on this pattern. I'm using some Universal Yarns Worsted I picked up at Tuesday Morning in green and brown, and I think things are going well so far. It is more of a guideline for the cardi than an actual pattern, so I hope it turns out ok. I don't have a lot of experience with top down raglans, but I'm not far enough along yet to know if I'm doing something wrong. I do plan, however, to take some advice I heard from the Knitmore Girls' podcast, and start the sleeves shortly after connecting the round for the armholes.

Aaaand, that's about it. This post was a little wordy, so hopefully I can knock out some photos and get those up here.

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