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Monday, January 10, 2011

So This Is the New Year...

...And I don't feel any different.

Not really, it's just a song.

I have a few goals going at once, and updates for lots of other things. This is a going to be a little photo-heavy, and they aren't very good between the iPod and poor light at about 11 at night.

Baby Hats for Charity

Here are the baby hats so far. I've acutally made a couple more since this was taken, so the count is at 18. However, none of the ends are woven in. This started when a friend found an article in Crochet Today! about donating to Save the Children. We both got to work on hats to send to them. However, I started thinking "Wouldn't it me more of an impact to donate them locally?" There are only a dozen hospitals in Indy, one a few traffic lights away. I plan to give them to a person I found on Ravelry who is donating to the Martinsville, IN hospital. She explained that because it's a small hospital, they get very few donations. I'm totally behind this, and it takes care of 2 goals: 52 baby hats in 52 days, and donating to a charity.

12 Socks in 12 Months 

These are the first official pair of socks for 2011. They are made from Plymouth Happy Feet in colorway 26, which is purples and grays. I love how this yarn feels, and the socks are going well.

Knit from Handspun

Here is my option for my first nice handspun. It's merino in about a DK weight, so it will be perfect for this cowl. I do have another ball that just needs to be wound.

And speaking of handspun....

Look! It's actually being washed like it supposed to be! And all of my yarn smells like Dawn dishwashing soap. Plus, my drying rack is getting some use.

Anyway, back to the goals.

Beaded Knitting

My beaded project is the Citron from Knitty. It is a semi-circular shawl with ruffled sections and edge. There is a tutorial for the beaded bind off as well.

And the yarn is just awesome.

Has anyone made progress on their resolutions?

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  1. That's awesome, those babies will be lucky to have your hats!