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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Wow, 2010 has been quite a year. A lot has happened, both good and bad. I went from a job that paid the bills while I lived with my parents to a job that allowed me to move to Indianapolis. My husband went from almost losing his current job to also getting a job down here. We went from maintaining a relationship 180 miles apart to getting married and living together. I've already asked 2011 to try to top that, without all the drama.

My craft resolution is to continue my Stashdown for the rest of the year. I have about 10 projects planned out, not including my sock challenge. Here are my goals for next year:

1. 12 pairs of socks in 12 months
2. colorwork
3. a pullover
4. knit from my handspun
5. beading
6. kool aid dyeing
7. charity donations
8. finish all works-in-progress
9. Make 52 baby hats in 52 weeks
10. make projects from books i own and haven't used yet

The sock challenge has it's own list of patterns/techniques i want to try, and yes, i have enough yarn for the entire year in my stash already.

My one non-fiber related resolution is to get more sleep, preferably all at night and all at once. However, that will probably cut into my crafting goals.

But that goal can wait until the new year. Now, off to a friend's for partying!!!

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