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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick, Before It Dies Again!!!

With some luck, this is being typed on my laptop. Yes, the screen is working again. However, now it's over heating and shutting down on its own, so this has been typed in about 4 sittings. Looks like some of my tax refund will be going to a new one.

But, there are some FO's to share, some of them are even scraps that i've finally used.


I've heard rave reviews about handmade dishcloths and love making them for people. They are so absorbent and scrub better than those store-bought ones. That's when i realized that I don't have any myself! These are from scraps from the Christmas gifts, and I knocked out 8 half-balls of cotton! I had a little extra so I free-formed a scrubbie also.

Plarn Bag

I started this plarn in probably October after I studied a tutorial i found online. I proceeded to cut a million bags into strips, and put the in a bag on my yarn cabinet. It sat and sat and finally I started stringing them together and started a bag. This will be the bag we put all the other bags from the grocery store in so we can recycle them. I have another giant ball of this, so there will probably be another on its way. And as a side note, Wal-Mart bags and the like are the best ones to use. I used some from department stores, and even though they add pretty colors to the overall look, they are a pain to use since they're so stiff.

Scrap Hats

In another effort to decrease the scrap yarn i have, I made a few hats. Four to be exact, in about 2 days time. They're all bulky weight yarn, 2 in boucle and 2 in Lion Brand Homespun. I forgot what a total PITA these yarns are to use. But, i reduced the stash by 4 half skeins. Unfortunately, I have 4 more skeins of the boucle in another color that were intended for a sweater. Now I have to decide whether it will actually become a project or if it will be donated.

Oh and the lesson of the weekend is that boucle can be knit on US 8 needles and comes out ok. The same goes for Homespun. However, this does not go for super bulky yarn, specifically Lion Brand Hometown. The half of a hat I finished came out to a gauge between berber carpet and concrete. it could have been a hard hat, or some sort of personal protective equipment. If i need a spare tire, i know i can knit one up.

Summer Flies

I bought a few skeins of this pima cotton at Tuesday Morning months ago, with no idea what to make from it. it's about 450 yards and a light worsted weight. i though a shawl would be nice so I started looking for patterns. I wanted something lightweight but could find anything i like, so i turned to my queue. This shawl would be perfect. It's not a ton of lace, and I hope it works even the yarn is heavier than what the pattern calls for.

Longway Striped Scarf

This is being made from the leftovers from Christmas presents. The gray is from my mom's scarf, and the maroons are from my friend's clutch. I have exactly one ball of each left over, so they are becoming a striped scarf. This time i decided to do lengthwise stripes, which means i cast on 10,000 stitches. It also means a row take half an hour. but i'm adding fringe, which means no ends to weave in!

Goal #1 - 12 socks

Here is the photographic evidence of pair #2 for 2012. The first is the Skyp pattern made form Plymouth Yarns Happy feet. the second sock is a vanilla sock made from Jawoll. yes i know they do not match, but nobody said the pair had to be a matching pair.

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