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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hexi-Crack Update

Ok, so this is only about 18" square. But doesn't it look awesome? And I have these and more to add still.

The idea is that this piece will be the center and as I make more puffs I'll add them around the edges. That way each time I finish another batch of one color, it will be arranged around the outside of the square to keep everything randomly placed. And my idea of knitting the puffs, putting them on stitch holders, and stuffing a bunch at once I think is working. I knit the puff and put the live stitches on paperclips to hold them, cut a tail long enough to finish the puff, and put it in a bag. Once I have a bunch/feel like stuffing, i'll stuff a bunch, close them, border them, and add them to the pile. This is sort of feeding into my hatred of finishing things, but I think it's working out. It also lets me knit these elsewhere, because this way i dont have to carry stuffing around too.

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