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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holiday Stashdown 2010 - plus a bonus FO!

Well I didn't quite finished the next set of gifts by FO Friday, but on the bright side, I did finish gifts for 6 people!

Spa Cloths

These are the Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth, made from 3 colors of Sugar n' Cream and Peaches n' Cream that I'd picked up over the summer for market bags. I made a dozen, and 2 will be given to each recipient, plus a lotion probably. For the time being, i do not want to knit anything on the bias or any dishcloths for a while.

However, on a personal knitting note, I finished the Shalom! It looks like a cardi and fits like a cardi, so we're calling it a completed cardi. All it needs is a button, a soak (the wool is a little itchy), and a decent photo. This was taken inside, at night, on my phone, but it's a glimpse into the Shalom-y awesomeness.

Another "free" item: I listen to the Lion Brand Podcast and read their blog. On their Ravelry group, they started a topic about what their listeners wanted to hear about this season. I mentioned that I wanted to find resources for formulas for projects (sweaters, hats, etc) so i could customize more items. They answered my question on the podcast and suggested I check out Ann Budd's The Knitters Book Of Patterns and The Knitters Book of Sweater Patterns. These books are fantastic! Most patterns come in 6 sizes and 6 gauges, so it does most of the math for you. These are definitely on my wish list.


  1. Very nice gift idea. I'm sure the recipients will love it. I love your Shalom! I want to knit it so badly, but I have too many UFOs!

  2. Great gifts and your Shalom looks lovely!

  3. Great gifts, and great sweater. It's on my list for someday!

  4. Hey there! I found you through The Blog Hub.

    Just wanted to let you know that I *highly* recommend the two Anne Budd books. I jokingly call them my Knitting Bibles, they get used so much.

    By the way, the Shalom came out awesome. Great job!