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Friday, December 3, 2010

The lappy is down...

That reference may not make sense to some of you. First google "strongbad" and find the horrible Internet cartoon I used to watch in high school. Then find his email response to "do you listen to techno?"

The unfortunate truth is that my laptop had been out of service for more than a week now, and this blog is currently being typed on my iPod touch. Using the "free" theme of this blog, I very nicely asked the IT guy at work if he would take a look at it for me. It turns out that more than one person hs asked this of him, and he's more than happy to comply. So between actual emergencies at work, he's been working on it. No word yet though on how the poor lappy is doing.

And unfortunately, I have lots of holiday stashdown news to share, including my spinning wheel and adventures in wheel maintenance and emergency fixes.

I will give a full update as soon as the lappy is up and running, since I can't post pictures from my current device.


  1. How did I not know that you had a blog?? This is fun - you do such great work! And I *love* the free theme... that hits a special spot in my heart :)

  2. Hope your laptop revives itself soon. :-)

  3. Found your link on Ravelry in the Blogger group ... Hope your laptop recovers soon!