Experienced knitters don't make fewer mistakes than new knitters. They make bigger ones faster.

- Yarn Harlot -

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Tend to Go a Little Catwoman When I Craft

Lately, my knitting seems to be slowing down a bit. I'ma little socked out, and since I've reached my goal, I'm giving them a break. I finished the sleeves of my Striped Cardi, but haven't blocked it yet. So I haven't started my next sweater, the February Lady Sweater. but I still have the urge to make something, so I've started making jewelry again. A LOT OF JEWELRY. I talked about it with a friend who i found out also made a ton of jewelry and still has her supplies. I "shopped" her bead store and scored a ton of stuff. I've spend the past few weekends hunched over our ottoman in the living room with Netflix running in the background (Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State at the moment) surrounded by bags of beads. It always looks like I went crazy opening them. Here are a few of the things I've made. (apologies for the low quality pics. i promise they will be better for my etsy store)

This is black and red beads accented with silver chain. Matching set includes earrings and long necklace.

Stitch marker set includes 5 markers of blue stone framed in silver.

Brown and olive stones with gold chain. Set includes dangle earrings and long necklace.

Stitch marker set has 7 markers. Assorted beads.

Navy and gold beads on gold chain. Set includes earrings and necklace.

Pastel beads with silver flower beads. I'll admit, I've worn this and love it. Necklace and earring set.

Purple beads with gold rings and chain.